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Chapter 11- A curse begins

*HM hops off of his bed and walks slowly to the door. He reaches for the doorknob, but then pauses*

HM:...I'll just wait...I bet he is in no good mood.....

*HM walks back to his bed, yawning and stretching. Meanwhiles*

SM: *in bed* zZzZz....
Cal: *appears in his room* hehehe....

*Cal sneaks up to SM silently and then plucks a hair from his white fur. SM's ear flickered, but thats all he did*

Cal: Perfect... *ties it on the voodoo doll* now he will be mine....

*Cal closed her eyes and started to whisper words even I can't type down. SM turned a bit in his sleep, but then after a while, he woke up with lime green eyes, meaning only one thing*

SM: *gets up* how can I be of assitance, your Hiness(sp?)?
Cal: The heroes....Stay under cover...And then after they are clueless, bring em to me...All of them
SM: Your wish is my command...

*SM goes back to bed. Cal cackles a bit and then vanishes*

End of chapter 11. Dun dun dun duuuuuun
:cries: Everybody loves sad HM, cause he is more nice like that :sniff:

...anywhos XDD *gets shot*
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006  Student General Artist
O_O Eep! Poor SM!
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