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Chapter 13- Tensity

*HM went dashing along the hall, avoiding any nearby obstacles. He almost fell a few times, but stayed standing. He took a long slide to stop from running into SM*

SM: Where do you think you're going?
HM: *running in place*.....o_o to...*really fast* getamopbeforethemilkfrommycerealsinksinthecarpetnowscuseme

*HM shoves SM out of the way and continues running. But he couldn't as SM grabbed his leg*

SM: e_e tell the truth!
HM: I am!!! Seariously!!!!

*HM tried to pull free. SM ignored his struggle and let him go, sending him flying into a bedroom*

HM: X_X Owch!!! Why I outta-
SM: *slams door in HM's face* e_e *freezes doorknob*

*HM continued to bang the door over and over*

HM: *yelling* LET ME OUT!!!!
SM: *ignores HM and walks back to his room*

*HM took a few steps back and then ran to the door, headbutting it. He fell back dizzily*

HM: @~@ Note to self: wear a helmet...*passes out*

*Jori appeared by HM, giggling*

Jori: Time to go home with me, firefox man!

*They both vanished in thin air. Kiko opened the door with an ax*

Kiko: I came in as fast as I-....o_o could? HM???
Kris: *at the door panting* wait....for me X_X
Kiko: No time now....HM is gone
Kari: *runs in* what I miss?
Kiko:......A whooooooole lot

End of chapter 13
This one goes out to meh bro for his 18th birthday. Happeh birthday, Jeff!!!!!!
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EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006  Student General Artist
LOL..."Firefox man"...!
R-D-V-fan Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006   Digital Artist
HM: *feels insulted* .~.
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006  Student General Artist
>< LOL
Jori-Ness Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
It's ME! I called for the FIREFOX MANNN!
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