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Chapter 14- Sorting out the tensity

*A few minutes later in the living room*

Kiko:..Ok..HM is gone, SM is acting wierd, we have these strange doors that lock us in...Toime to move :D!
Kari: Yaaaaaa-
Kris: What about Heat Miser?
Kiko: HM?...I don't know...We need to find out why he is gone first...

*At the evil lair*

HM: *is tied up in the corner. Has a cloth covering his mouth* e-e;;;
Cal: Well he's good enough to have for a few days...Before he and the others are mine.

*Two doors open, letting out warm beams of light. A shadowy-figure walks in, revealing SM*

HM: O-o?!?!?!?!?!?
SM: *glares at HM for a moment* I see you got one already..
Jori: He was too hot to touch though D|
Cal: Silence, Jori!
Jori:...Okay :3

*While they were talking, a strange shadow sneaks by, up to HM*

HM: *looks freaked out* O-O|||||
Mew: *whispers* Shhh...I'm here to help...

*Two hands come and untie him. HM stays quiet as he takes the cloth off and sneaks away with Mew*

Cal: ...And we will be sure to-...ooooh no! He got away. Pac, find!

*Pac howls and then runs off. Out in the corridors, HM and Mew were running*

HM: Who..the heck are you...anyways?
Mew: I'll tell you later, but for now-

*Mew runs into Pac's leg. HM slides to a stop, falling back*

Pac: Where do you think you two are going?
HM: o_o;;;;;;; out?
Pac: Well I don't think so, firefox...You're going back with me...And so are you..*looks at Mew*

*While Pac talked, HM flicked a spark by the wall, crawling up to a torch*

HM: *pretends* oh no, what will I ever do!!! I surrender!! *hangs head down*
Pac:...Wierd...Yet good..
HM:...*looks at Pac* But you wont be hearing from me again

*The torch blows up into flames, spreading everywhere. Pac ducks and covers his eyes with his wings and paws. While distracted, HM grabs Mew's arm and runs out of the corridor*

End of chapter 14
This tookies a whoile to brainstorm..But yea...
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006  Student General Artist
Yay!!!!! Mew saves the day!!! *Hugs MewRingo* Good boy!!! >< Wait! I'm evil, right??? BAD BOY!!!!!
R-D-V-fan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006   Digital Artist
Ye are actually shall see how :D
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006  Student General Artist
o_O.......OK, then......I guess I SHALL! :)....*Waits*....
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