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Chapter 15- Befriending

*HM and Mew finally made it out of the castle. HM leaned on the wall of the castle to try and catch his breath, which was hard for him because it was a 3 minute run out*

Mew: *caught breath already* Soooo, who are you?
HM: *holds up a finger, meaning to wait*

*few minutes later*

Mew: I'm bo-
HM: OK I got my breath back!
Mew: O_O;;; ok...
HM:...The name's HM, now that I can kinda trust you for saving me back there -_e
Mew: Cool name! My name is Mew Ringo!

*Mew holds out a paw to shake. HM stares at it for a while, thinking back for a moment, then sighs and shakes his hand without looking at him*

Mew: ^_^ That wasn't so bad, was it?
HM: >> oh hush. Now come on, lets head back to where I live.....*pauses before taking first step* ..... If I knew how to get out of here....
D&D: I can help!!! :D *walks in*
HM:....Say weren't you one of the-
D&D: SHHHH!!!!!
HM: o-o;;;;;
Mew: O_o?????
D&D: Fallow meeee!!! *walks slowly into a forest*

*HM and Mew look at eachother for a moment, then follow curiously*

End of chapter 15
Twaz hard to think of this chapter since I was sick e~e|||||
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2006  Student General Artist
I am not so bad after all!!!!! ^^ Yay! Hero!!! *Hugs Mew*
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