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Chapter 16- Confusion, Confusion, and more Confusion!

*+Musical Intercourse Wit picture flips of all the characters...All but one*

*We left off last time with D+D, HM, and Mew walking in the forest*

HM: e~e are we there ye-
D+D: Arrrgh, matey!! We be not there yet!!!
HM: o_o.....What...the.....h-
Mew: Straight ahead!!!! *points*

*HM looked where Mew was pointing, revealing a neighborhood, the neighborhood with the heros' house*

HM: There's my home!! *runs to home*
Mew: Waaaaaait *follows*

*HM almost trips, but makes it without a scratch to the door of his house, waiting for Mew. Mew was tumbling down the hill, and then...CRAASH!!!*

HM: X___X||||||
Kiko: *opens door* hello li- o_o HM?! And....and....Whoever ye are!!!
Mew: My name is Mew -~-
HM: X___X aaah-hooow my leg D|


HM: *limping down the hall* ow....ow......ow...OW........o_o- OW X_X
Mew: o_o You ok, Du-
HM: No, I am...not.....ow....ok...e___e
Mew: o_o ok....
HM: * by Mew* I'll be- my- ow.......Room.... *walks in room and closes door* *faint* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!
Mew: o_o he's wierd...
Kris: Thats just him..He's short-tempered
Mew: Where did you-....nevermind... I'm going to head home. See ya

*Mew walked out of the house. Kris watched with a blank stare*

Kris:...Was it something I did???

End of chapter 16

+ = I will draw seperate pictures of the picture flipping in the order I think of it. Sketched only. :D sorry lads!
Sick + Mom + Piano + School + Lack of sleep = Late chapter

There is a music thingamabober in the beginning. Which is this song [link] (and yes, just that much). So yea...
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2006  Student General Artist
^^ Great chapter! HM did what I does when I be hurtin'! ^^
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