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Chapter 18- Distractions

*Before D+D and Jori continued, two figures appeared by them. One was a Lupe, and the other was a Gelert*

Jori: o_0???
D+D: what the-
Jerusolum: HELLO PEOPLES!!
Sabotaz: *smiling like he was having a coma* HoW aRe YoU tOdAy?!
Jori and D+D: o_o....*blinkblink*

*Sabotaz runs into a wall while Jerusolum walks in circles like a psycho*

Jori: O_o what the heck?!
D+D: o_o...they...are....PERFECT!

*D+D grabs Sabo and Jeru's arms and then tosses them in an open window*

Both: WeEeEeEeEeEe~ *crash*

*HM's room*

HM: >_o;;; whut the heck?!

*Two shadows  rose in HM's room. HM watched with real wide eyes*

HM: O___O||||||
Sabo: We are here.....
Jeru: to....
HM: O_O To what?!
both: TO PARTAY!!!

*The two danced. HM raised an eyebrow, then pointed his hand like a gun at them, blasting fire on their feet*

HM: Time to dance, wierdos!
both: ok! *dance the tango with their feet on fire*
HM: e_______e geez, they're wierd

*Suddenly from behind HM, a shadow grabbed him in a bag*

HM:!!!! *muffled voice*

D+D: ya!
Jori: yaaaaaay!

End of chapter 18. What will happen to our heroes?!
Time to express my psychoness with 2 special guests :3
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2006  Student General Artist
"OK!" XD Such a funny chapter!!!
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