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Chapter 3- Villian's plot

*The shadow fades away. Meanwhile at a large mansion with thunder and bats*

Jori: *watching South Park* ^___^!!
The shadow: *appears* I have returned master....

*On a throne, if that was spelled right, a strange native girl was sitting, petting the head of a Maroon Gelert that sat by her throne*

Caliun: Good... What did you find out?
Shadow: That two of the suspects are enemies...

*The shadows walks into a ray of light, revealing a brown haired girl*

Caliun: Enemies?
D&D: Right...One is a white wolf-like creature.. A wierd comedian... And the other is an orange firefox... Very stubborn

*There is a moment of silence as Caliun thought...Well, besides the annoying TV*

Caliun:..Jori, can you turn that off?!?! You were watching that show for like 17 hours-
Jori: NOOOOOO!!! Neveeeer!!! >D
Caliun:....o_o.......annyways....Pac, is seems we will be doing some knitting today

*Pac groans*

Caliun:...But this will be in an evil way.....
Pac: e_o?
Caliun:... Buuuuut.. We need more than 2.....Were there?
D&D: Ho yea there was more...But I forgot what they looked like..
Caliun: Then go investigate again.....
D&D: What for?
Caliun:...You'll see...Veeeery soon

*evil laughter*

End of chapter 3
So far: SM stole the necklace from HM and they went home. Mysterious shadow :P....What next? XDDD
Jori-Ness Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
XDDDDD I'm so evil with my South Park watching-ness!
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006  Student General Artist
LOL! I'm evil!!! >:) w00t!!!
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