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Chapter 7- Insults

Kiko:...We'll talk about it some other day..For now you two rest...

*couple days later*

Kiko:...Sooooo....Is this a joke??
SM: o_o no!! It isn't!!..It my hand...
Kari: It was not there though....

*Kiko and Kari arch eyebrows and lean abit closer to SM*

SM: O_O Dun look at me like that!
Kiko: e_e where is it?

*SM groans and hops off his bed. Then he walks to Mother Nature's room*

SM: *points to door*
Kiko: e_o?

*Meanwhile in HM's room*

Kris: *leans on door* -.-; seems kinda harsh for watching him fer 2 days..
HM: >>? hmmmmmm.....

*HM flicks a spark of fire at his lamp and it sparks like crazy, then the light goes out, making the room pitch black*

Kris: !!!! O_O
HM: *turns off flames and sneaks to door* *says while running out and turning on flames* Hasta la  we-

*He pauses as he hears a voice that was familliar*

Kiko: O_o HM?!
HM: O_O;;;; shoot
Kari: e_o what are you doing out?
HM: O_o.....getting fresh air??

*SM ignored them and opened the door. He walks in*

SM:....It was in here when I last had it
HM:...Well it aint, so stop flippin out e_e

*SM growls a bit and then looks at HM*

SM: Well if it wasn't cause of you, we could be living our lives. But nooooo~. You have to stay with evil and take the necklace, disobeying Mother's-
HM: Ok who said you were the boss of me??! I can do what I want to!

*They glare deeply at eachother. HM growls and walks out the door*

Kiko: where are you going-
HM: Out....For maybe a long while...

*He gives one more glare to SM and then runs off*

Kiko: >> way to go, SM...


End of chapter 7 :o
Sorry it took so long XD. I had to go wit my dad and bro at a doctor's appointment roight after school e~e;...anywhos
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006  Student General Artist
XD I likes!
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