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Chapter 8- The voice

*After a long run, HM slows down in the heart of the dark forest. His tail hanged low as he fell on his knees, breathing hard.  He coughed a bit in the lack of air, then lowered his head a bit*

HM:*still trying to catch breath*...they...are not evil....

*suddenly a cold breeze flew past him. HM raised his ears as he heard a misty voice surrounding him*

Voice:You are wrong..You are evil..HM...

*he gasped silently* you kn-

Voice: I am always by you, HM....I am your shadow....'re lying...

Voice: Or am I not?...Do you even know who you are?

*There was a pause. HM looked out in front of him with wide eyes... Then he closed them and hanged his head down.* don't....

Voice: Precisely....If you want to know..You need to do something for me...

*HM immediately raised his head up*


Voice: The people you live with...... *deeply* Kill them.... Tonight....

*HM felt like running, but he didn't know where.*


Voice: Because they are the ones keeping your secret from you...

HM:...they are not.....

Voice:...You know that this must be done...

*HM's ears go down a bit*

HM: But there must be another way!

Voice: There is no other way.. There is no other choice. There is nothing...

*he closes his eyes*

HM:..*clenches fist* Don't do it... Think about it one more time....

Voice:...Give it up. You know that you have failed your life...

HM:..*deep growl* No.... That is a lie!!

Voice: Your life is a lie..

HM: what about all the beauty of this world?

Voice:For you, it doesn't matter anymore...

HM: Giving up is cowardly

Voice: Not Fulfilling your fate is cowardly

HM:This was never your fate

Voice: This was never your world.

HM: It's a wrong thing to do!!

Voice: No.... It's right... Because death...Means Freedom... So do it

*HM was a mixture of emotions: Fear, Anxiety, and Sadness*

HM:.....I wont!

*he gets up and starts to run back home. After he is gone, two red eyes glow in the shadows and a native figure walks out*

Caliun:.....I failed for the short one....I wonder if I'll have luck with the tall one...

End of chapter 8
I had this chapter planned out weeks before it started. XD so enjoys!!

I got some of this from a flash.
Jori-Ness Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
:heart: Very nice!
EddieSketti Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006  Student General Artist
O_O Wow......that was a great chapter! HM is struggling emotionally! Torn between fate and family! ..................GOTTA write MORE!!!!!!!!
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